Holidays and Festivals


Astoria Center of Israel holds a community Seder on the second night of Pesach, as well as first day Pesach morning and Shabbat Pesach services. 

Before Pesach begins, we hold a food drive. Find out more about that here. 

For those seeking to temporarily be "rid" of their chameitz for the duration of the Passover holiday, the Rabbi has a form for you to fill out to temporarily accomplish this with an alternate devised method (an alternative to the "selling" devised method).  Contact the office or the Rabbi in the weeks before Pesach if you are interested. 


On Leil Shavuot, the community enjoy's a Dine & Drash, where we nosh on blintzes and other dairy treats while studying some Torah. 

The celebration continues the following morning at our regular service time. 

YAMIM NORAIM (High Holidays) | 5782 (2021) SCHEDULE

We hold services for Slichot, Rosh Hashanah (first and second day), and Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre, morning services, Ne'ilah-Havdalah). This year, all services for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur will be live and virtual.  Second Day Rosh Hashanah services will be in person, outdoors (limited capacity - registration required), as well as streamed for virtual viewing.


Sukkot morning services (First day and Shmini Atzeret) will take place virtually.


Our joyous Simchat Torah celebration takes place in the evening. We take all the scrolls out of the ark, including small size scrolls and plush version so everyone can join in, and dance around in celebration of Torah. The Simchat Torah evening service will be in person, outdoors (limited capacity - registration required).

Simchat Torah services, during which we honor Chatan/Kalat Torah and Chatan/Kalat Bereisheet, take place the next morning, virtually. 


Each year, ACI invites the community of Astoria and beyond to join us for our annual Chanukah Party. With deicious treats (including gelt and latkes), a play performed by our MASKIT students, and lot of games and activities, it's an exciting afternoon for the whole family.

On Tuesdays of Chanukah, the MASKIT students and their families gather after after Tzvi classes and before Nameir sessions to light candls together. 

Services are held on Shabbat Chanukah. 


A Tu B'shvat themed Friday night pot luck is held the closest Friday to the holiday. 


The ACI Purim Celebration is not to be missed! The party on the closest Sunday afternoon features a costume contest, face painting, crafts, and themed drinks for the adults. 

Megillah Reading takes place the night of Purim, and there's always a hilarious shpiel to go along with it. There's lots of opportunity for people of all skill levels and interest to get involved in the planning and setup process. 

Plus, new this year, is our mishloach manot campaign: sign up to sponsor a mishloach manot bag to another member, or to the entire congregation. 


For questions about holiday and festival celebrations, or to find out more, check our website around holiday times, or be in touch.